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Danuta Kownacka

Book development is her passion. She gets the best ideas during walks.

Danuta is an editor, writer and reviewer. She is a specialist in children and teen literature but is also attracted to fiction, fact literature, guides, educational books, popular science books and dictionaries.

Danuta worked in numerous publishing houses including Wilga, Foksal Publishing Group and Muza. She organised editor workshops, coaching sessions and language-culture tutorials for students, editors and translators as well as conducted number of Polish Association of Publishers courses. Danuta cooperates with multiple publishing houses, foundations and advertising agencies.

Fan of realism, good coffee, interesting books and Łódź.


Authors, graphic artists, operators


Authors and translators
We have established a permanent cooperation with 12 talented authors – including the children books’ authors. Our interpreters’ team consists of 7 people ensuring the high quality of translation to Polish language. The text is amended by team of our four editors and corrections are made by three particularly detail oriented proofreaders. We tailor a team individually with for each project


Graphic designers
Our portfolio includes a database of over 50 verified graphic designers and illustrators fully capable of preparing individual projects while actively cooperating with the authors. Thanks to them we can offer unique design and artistic solutions where the cover and content of the book together become one cohesive match.


DTP Artists
Our six DTP artists are experienced and approachable specialists. They perform typesetting and text makeup, arrange illustrations and prepare our publications for printing or for www publishing. As members of teams responsible for individual projects they take due diligence and care to ensure the deadlines are met and all technical standards are achieved.

Anna Sikorska-Michalak

Anna Sikorska-Michalak

Holds a degree in journalism, between 1987-1991 – researcher at National Academy of Science in Warsaw. Associated with the publishing sector since 1993. Experienced manager at Wilga publishing company as well as Foksal Publishing Group. Creator and coordinator of many dictionaries, including: Dictionary of the Contemporary Polish Language (1995/1996) and Multilingual Visual Dictionary (1998) as well as series of specialist dictionaries and popular-science books for children.

Co-creator of Atlas of Good Practices in the Social and Professional Inclusion (2010) and website

She has two sons, two black cats and two passions – amateur theatre and medicine.